Amp Repairs

I don’t charge a bench fee to take a look at your amp.  All diagnostics are free*.  I only charge if you decide to have me fix your amp.  It’s that simple.

Some repairs are quick and cheap, others take a while and are more expensive.  I don’t give guesstimates on my site for that reason.  Even something as simple as replacing power tubes and biasing them can lead to the discovery or old/drifted/burned out resistors, arcing across tube sockets, blown capacitors, and so on. No matter the issue, it won’t cost you anything until you decide to have me fix it.

I also don’t replace parts that don’t need to be replaced.  If you bring in an amp with mostly original parts, I won’t replace the usual suspects without testing them.  If they are still good, why replace them?  For example: a lot of techs will just replace electrolytic caps as a matter of course, which costs the customer a lot more than is necessary.  I’ll test electrolytics, reform them, and, only if absolutely necessary, replace them–instead of just replacing them outright, which on some amps can be a $200+ difference in the total bill.

Repair rates start at $35 per hour plus materials.

*Diagnostics are free. Shipping costs are not included. For shipping costs, see the Pricing and Policy Page.

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