Pedal Repairs

I don’t charge a fee to take a look at your pedal. All diagnostics are free*. I only charge if you decide to have me fix it for you.

Some repairs are quick and cheap, others take a while and are more expensive, and some (due to the scarcity of certain no-longer-produced parts) are nearly impossible. I don’t give guesstimates on my site for that reason. Even something as simple as repairing a DC jack or LED can lead to the discovery or old/drifted/burned out resistors, weak/dead transistors, leaky capacitors, and so on. No matter the issue, it won’t cost you anything until you decide to have me fix it.

I also don’t replace parts that don’t need to be replaced. If you bring in a vintage pedal with mostly original parts, I won’t replace things without testing them. If they are still good, why replace them? I’ll test all parts FOR FREE* and, only if absolutely necessary, replace anything that has gone bad–instead of just replacing them outright, which messes with the price point considerably and in some cases reduces the value of the pedal.

Pedal repair rates are on a case by case basis because pedals are so widely different. Instead of charging hourly, I will offer a quote that the customer can decide on.

Common repairs include maintaining vintage effects with worn out components and aging capacitors, Replacing PCB-mounted switches, replacing broken switches, upgrading plastic jacks in pedals such as EHX pedals, replacing broken pots or missing knobs, and re-calibration of analog delay pedals.

*Diagnostics are free. Shipping costs are not included. For shipping costs, see the Pricing and Policy Page.

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