Pricing and Policy

Standard Rate:
Diagnostics are free (aside from shipping) and I do not charge a minimum bench fee. Repairs and modifications of amplifiers have a standard rate of $35 per hour, plus materials.  Pedal repairs and modifications are on a per project basis. I don’t upcharge for materials.  Whatever I pay for the parts is what you pay. If you prefer to order/source your own parts, I will use them instead of parts I purchase assuming they are the correct parts. I can no longer explain what is wrong with your equipment if you decide to work elsewhere, unfortunately. This is not a money concern–it’s a safety concern. A lot of this equipment operates at high voltage, and I cannot be responsible for someone trying to fix something on their own and getting seriously hurt.

Turnaround Time:
Turn around time varies per project. I will genuinely try to get your order or repair to you as quickly as possible, but some projects take more time than others. A simple pedal repair, for instance, will take less than time than a large amp project that requires me to contact vintage electronics collectors to find period correct parts.

Payment Methods:
Cash*, Check**, or Money Order**.
(*Do not send cash through the mail.  Cash transactions are for In Person orders only).
(**Order will be started after the check/money order is received and clears).

Orders and Inquiries:
Please e-mail

My rates match those of USPS (click here), or Fedex ground (click here).  I do not use UPS. I currently do not ship internationally. I do NOT accept responsibility for items damaged in shipping, to or from Second Order Audio. If requested I will ship with insurance.  If your amplifier or pedal is very valuable, please consider getting shipping insurance when you send it to me and learn how to properly package this type of equipment for shipment. I will be creating a video showing how to properly pack amplifiers in the future, but in the meantime please search youtube for videos explaining the process.

I do not accept returns for refund. If an items fails due to a manufacturing defect or my construction of the item, NOT misuse by the user, I will replace it and do the repair work without charge for 6 months after the time of payment. After 6 months, normal repair rates apply.

Privacy Policy:
Contact information including email address, telephone number, and address (which is provided by the customer) is used solely for the purpose of completing the order, and will not be shared with third parties nor used for advertising purposes.

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