Amp Modifications

Modifications to existing amps are a way to fine tune an amp, to get it closer to the sound you’re looking for.  Maybe your like how your amp sounds but wish it were a little darker or brighter.  Maybe you want a bit more distortion, or a bit lower volume.  Maybe you want more pronounced mids.  Or maybe you want a way to bias your amp yourself instead of paying a tech $50 – $100 every couple years for 30 minute’s worth of work. I’ll work with you to get what you want–if it is possible.  If it isn’t, I’ll tell you.

There are some amps I won’t work on.  Anything really old and really valuable, for example.  Instead of modding vintage Fender/Marshall that’s worth more in non-working original condition than it would be after it is fixed and modded, why not just have me build you one with the mods you want thrown in? It won’t cost that much more (really!) and you won’t have ruined a really nice, really expensive piece of amplifier history. This doesn’t apply to amps that have been hacked up and left for dead, of course.  I’ll happily mod beaten up amps after fixing them.

I will also not work on cheaply made, low end amps, either.  Bugera, low end Peavey, Low end Egnater, and so on.  This is more in your interest than mine. In the end, you’ll spend more to get it sounding good than it would have cost to have me build you the amp you want.

I do everything I can to make my modifications easily reversed unless it is impossible.  I don’t drill holes if there is another way. I don’t use ridiculous amounts of goop to “hide” the mods I’ve done.  I don’t butcher delicate PCB boards with a heavy handed use of the soldering iron.

If there’s something you think I can do for you, send me an e-mail with the make/model of your amp and what you want out of it.  I pride myself on being honest, and working with people to get what they want.

Modification rates start at $35 an hour plus materials, shipping not included. For shipping rates see my Prices and Policy Page.

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