Custom Amplifiers

Everything from the ground up.  That’s the point.  This is the fun part!

If you contact me about a custom amplifier, I’ll spend time talking with you to find out what you want, and what you need, and whether or not those two things are, indeed, the same. I’ll then design an amp based on what you’re looking for.  I’ll work with you and accept requests for certain types of parts (i.e., if you want Sozo capacitors in an amp, I’ll use them; or if you want Mercury Magnetics transformers in an amp, I’ll use them).

I’ll work up a design and a price sheet for the amp, send it to you, and if you approve I’ll take a deposit and start building.

The next step is for you to record 5 – 10 minutes of your playing your guitar or bass into whichever recording software you prefer (I can walk you through it), which will give me a raw sample of you playing your guitar I can re-amp through the amp I’ve designed and built in order to tweak and tailor it to your exact needs.

From there you choose the style (head or combo), the covering & design (cabinet covering or hardwood, faceplate style, colors, knob styles, etc.), what kind of speakers you want (in a combo) or if you want a matching cabinet, what design you want for the cabinet, speaker choices, and so on. I can also offer suggestions on these aspects.

Once the amp is paid for and in your hands for you to use, if you find something you don’t enjoy or want changed, I offer 3 more tweaking sessions at no charge (aside from shipping, if applicable) to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Pricing depends on the amp since each amp is 100% custom.

If you want an amp that is completely and totally and unquestionably yours, feel free to e-mail me and we can get started!

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